Mas Y Mas Amsterdam

Argentina, is located in the south point of South America. From this country Restaurant MAS Y MAS imports the beautiful, Healthy beef that is bred under the strict jurisdiction of the Minister of Agriculture. The meat comes in special cool containers fresh to Europe. The meat never gets frozen and there are no preservatives added. This is the secret why our meat is so juicy, and tender, it comes fresh from Mother Nature

In the argentinean kitchen the parilleros ( cooks ) are the masters of preparing food on the parillada ( grill ). The Argentinean kitchen mostly prepares the following parts of the Novillo, Bife de Cuadril, a firm but tender steak, Bife Angosto, Sirloine Steak , Bife de Lomo, tenderloin steak, Bife Ancho, rib-eye steak. By grilling the beef with only some salt and chimm ich urrie (grill oil), The natural flavour is completely preserved. You can try this wonderful meat at Restourant MAS Y MAS and ofcourse we can also provide a lovely Argentinean wine. Gorgeous full wines from The Mendoza, from famous grapes, as The Cabernet Sauvignon, the malbac, merlot and chardonnay.

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